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CADshop is an Egyptian company established at 2005 for trading and selling of mechanical designs for machines and Production lines. Designs could be approved at mechanical designs consulting offices if it is required.

We have a large collection of machine drawings. In addition; we cad get new designs for you and give you complete design package.

We can help in manufacturing at our outsourcing workshops and supervise all process, so you will get better quality and lower price.


Tire recycling line (shredder - grinding line )

CADshop working departments:-

  • Designing of many regular machines with many options to lower cost or increase performance.

  • Adjusting many machines to work as a production line with high performance and reliability.

  • Designing of many special machines which is not available anywhere and according to customer's specifications.

  • Modification of existing designs and adding new features to it to perform additional tasks.

  • Design of new spare parts   in case the original one is not available.

  • Making technical drawing for existing machines for reproducing it or its parts with complete production sheets.




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Now you can buy machine drawings only from CADshop and manufacture at any workshop you know with required quality and lower price


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