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Car Baler 176 Ton

Model no.  CB065

Car baler is the machine you need to convert all grades of loose bulky metals into valuable logs. It produces a bale quickly, efficiently, and neatly.

The baler is delivered with back side crane 9 m reach and it can lift 2400 kg at this distance which gives the process complete operation flexibility on different collection sites. The baler is supplied mobile mounted on a trailer with its hydraulic power pack.


Main baler modules:

  1. Baler press 176 ton force, 5.6 m floor and 16 ton/hr capacity
  2. Hydraulic power pack 180 hp for baler, crane and outriggers
  3. Back side 2 articulated booms, 9 m reach and 22 ton.m moment
  4. Semi trailer 30 ton payload and 12 m flat bed
  5. Wireless remote radio controls


Baling Press:

The large bailing chamber of baler press can be used to compress an entire car body or volumes of mixed light scrap in one path. The unique hinged wing is ideal for compacting and reducing bulky scrap items. The final compression is achieved by a heavy duty hydraulic cylinder forming a dense bale at the corner of the chamber.


Baler press with power unit

To run the baler, the control opens the upper door. A car or other material is placed on baler floor with a crane, then the operator pushes a button on the control panel, the cycle is completed automatically where the upper door is closes and cover the material, The side lid comes and pushes it to other side.

Then the axial compressing cylinder pushes the car or material till the pre-set pressure or distance.

Our baler is 100 percent automated. Our baler is larger and can fit larger cars. Our baler allows you to just set a car on the door with a crane.  Our baler handles up to 5.6 m cars. It is simple, robust, reliable and efficient.


Baler press technical Specifications:

Press-box floor

5600x2100 mm

Bale size - mm


Bale Density  

1000 kg/m^3

Diesel engine - HP    (Not included)

180 hp

Idle cycle

110 Sec

Baler press outer dimensions

7600x2400x1750 mm

Baler press weight

22 ton

Average production rate

16 tons/hour

Max flow rate of hydraulic valves

24 gal/min

Max operating pressure

3600 PSI

Upper door operating cylinders

90 ton each

Side door operating cylinders.

132 ton each

Axial cylinder force.

176 ton

Upper door is opened for loading                                    Axial press is opened for baling


Hydraulic Power Pack:


Baling press, lifting crane and outriggers circuit

Hydraulic power pack is a compact power generating system which is operated on diesel engine coupled with hydraulic pump and hydraulic safety valves. It contains oil and fuel tanks with their safety devices and general electric control panel.

The power pack contains hydraulic control valves for all hydraulic systems and these valves are actuated electrically from inside crane cab or from wireless remote control.

The hydraulic power pack drives baler press, loading crane and outriggers.


Hydraulic power pack specifications:  

Description :

Diesel powered hydraulic power pack, skid mounted, designed to operate in a safe area.


Intended to supply hydraulic power to various hydraulic driven systems.


Engine, Batteries, Oil pump, Oil tank and Fuel tank are mounted on robust skid with side doors

Engine :

Cummins V8 Turbo, 180 HP

Fuel capacity :

360 litres

Hydraulic pump :

American Commercial Gear Pump 200 cc/rev

Oli pressure:

Maximum Working Pressure  3600 PSI

Oil flow rate:

300 litres/min @ 1500 rpm

Pressure control:

Adjustable relief VALVE

Pressure indictor:

Standard pressure gauge

Oil filtring:

Standard filter 10 micron

Oil tank:

Baffled tank Of 640 liter capacity

Oil indicator:

Oil Tank is provided with transparent level and heat indicator

Control panel:

Engine on/off switch, Engine rpm, Hour meter, fuel tank indicator and oil pressure gauge are mounted on moveable control panel in addition to regular indicators.

Control valves:

Control panel is provided with 4/3 directional control valve 24 GPM 3600 PSI for baler press, loading crane and outriggers.

Safety :

All moving parts are guarded, Hydraulic pump is supported with non return valve, Hydraulic circuit is provided with adjustable relieve valve


Back side loading crane

 Loading crane is mounted on car baler unit to help in loading and unloading during baling cycle, it is supported with hydraulic gripper which is controlled within crane control from inside crane cab.

The crane has wide working reach which can handle materials from ground level or from inside baling chamber easily and efficiently.

Reach diagram of 22 ton.m crane

 Crane technical Specifications


Country of origin: EGYPT, Model: 2009.

The crane is powered by a hydraulic pump driven by hydraulic power pack

The crane is complete including operating and control keys, safety instruments

Lifting capacity:

Loading moment: 22 Meter. Ton

11 tons at 2 meters, 2.44 tons at 9 meters.


Articulated, hydraulic.

Horizontal boom reach: 9 meters.

Boom slewing angle: 360 degree.


Crane is equipped with four extendable telescopic hydraulic outriggers to give extra stability.

Vertical: hydraulically & Horizontal: manually


The hydraulic circuit is operated via a hydraulic power pack

Counter balance to ensure safety in case of sudden hydraulic pressure drop.

Oil pressure gauge and pressure relief valve.


The crane is controlled using control levers located inside crane cabin in addition to wireless remote control


Driven by hydraulic cylinder

Loading capacity 2 tons

Gripping span 120 cm & Gripping high 60 cm.


Two layers of anti-corrosion paint and two layers of final paint.


Parts are available through our dealers.

Very rarely we are asked for spares.


This product withstands rough treatment by unskilled personnel.


Semi trailer flat bed - ST3

 Technical Specifications: