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Tire Debeader

Model no. TD089

The Tire Debeader has been specifically designed to remove steel beads from truck tyres. Further destruction of the tyre by shredding is a task made considerably easier.

Operator protection is a design feature which consider a high priority. The Debeader shows this dedication to safety by providing a fully enclosed cage around the operation of the machine. 

Tire Debeader removes the beads from radial truck tires. Operation of the unit makes it a natural for shredding operations. Removal of the bead wire prior to shredding allows for a cleaner end product and provides less wear on the moving parts of the shredder. This not only provides a smooth shredding operation, but also cuts down on expensive maintenance down time.

Tire loading

Tire debeaded

Hard faced & toughened hooked sword, to promote high strength with wear resistance. designed to pull tough bead wire without breaking the wires during extraction process.

Control of the debeading sword is via the lever operated control at the near upper left corner of machine. This control is may easily be mounted elsewhere, according to specific needs or convenience.

All electrics are included. A master enclosure with all relays & master switch is attached. All push buttons, all hoses are included.

Output steel

Debeading  hook

Advantages of debeaded tires

  • Lower processing times for shredding

  • Reduced maintenance expenses

  • Higher rubber output

  • Reduced product size

  • Lower power consumption

General features:

  • Rugged design for trouble-free service

  • Simple-to-operate hand controls

  • Safety cage for tires protects operator

  • Oil pressure and temperature gauges

Technical specifications:

  1. 30Kw Electric Motor

  2. 20 seconds Full Stroke and return

  3. Specially designed Bead Slot

  4. 36 ton Pulling Strength

  5. Hydraulic tire holder

  6. Safety Cage

  7. Electronic on  off Controls

  8. Hydraulic Lever Controls

  9. Stationary and Mobile Applications

  10. Suitable for most truck tires